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Development of Smartphone Apps for Skin Cancer Risk Assessment: Progress and Promise

JMIR Dermatol 2019;2(1):e13376

HTML PDF 6755 14 3
Skin and Wound Map From 23,453 Nursing Home Resident Records: Relative Prevalence Study

JMIR Dermatol 2018;1(2):e11875

HTML PDF 3625 10 2
Development of an Innovative Real-World Evidence Registry for the Herpes Simplex Virus: Case Study

JMIR Dermatol 2020;3(1):e16933

HTML PDF 2259 1 1
Cutaneous Bacteria in the Gut Microbiome as Biomarkers of Systemic Malodor and People Are Allergic to Me (PATM) Conditions: Insights From a Virtually Conducted Clinical Trial

JMIR Dermatol 2020;3(1):e10508

HTML PDF 2250 0 0
Skin Lesion Classification With Deep Convolutional Neural Network: Process Development and Validation

JMIR Dermatol 2020;3(1):e18438

HTML PDF 2092 1 0
Consumer Preference of Products for the Prevention and Treatment of Stretch Marks: Systematic Product Search

JMIR Dermatol 2020;3(1):e18295

HTML PDF 1386 1 0
Evaluating Web-Based Platforms and Traditional Methods for Recruiting Tattoo Artists: Descriptive Survey Research Study

JMIR Dermatol 2019;2(1):e14151

HTML PDF 1375 2 1
The Reach of the “Don’t Fry Day” Twitter Campaign: Content Analysis

JMIR Dermatol 2019;2(1):e14137

HTML PDF 1324 9 1
Impact of an Intrainstitutional Teledermatology Service: Mixed-Methods Case Study

JMIR Dermatol 2018;1(2):e11923

HTML PDF 1189 1 2
Facebook Intervention for Young-Onset Melanoma Patients and Their Family Members: Pilot and Feasibility Study

JMIR Dermatol 2018;1(2):e3

HTML PDF 1100 2 3
Determinants of the Intention to Use Teledermatology: Evidence From Dermatologists and Primary Care Physicians

JMIR Dermatol 2019;2(1):e14459

HTML PDF 1065 26 0
The Difficulty of German Information Booklets on Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis: Automated Readability and Vocabulary Analysis

JMIR Dermatol 2020;3(1):e16095

HTML PDF 964 8 0
LesionMap: A Method and Tool for the Semantic Annotation of Dermatological Lesions for Documentation and Machine Learning

JMIR Dermatol 2020;3(1):e18149

HTML PDF 952 6 0
Understanding Social Media Use and Engagement Among Dermatology Patients to Inform Dermatological Prevention and Care in Vietnam: Cross-sectional Study

JMIR Dermatol 2020;3(1):e13424

HTML PDF 928 2 0
Acceptability and Feasibility of a Trial Testing Allocation to Sunscreen and a Smartphone App for Sun Protection: Discontinued Randomized Controlled Trial

JMIR Dermatol 2018;1(1):e1

HTML PDF 924 24 2
College Students’ Attitudes and Behaviors Related to Sun Safety and Appearance in Relation to Health Information-Seeking Behavior and Social Media Use: Cross-Sectional Study

JMIR Dermatol 2018;1(2):e10984

HTML PDF 916 2 0
Evaluation of Spin in the Abstracts of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses Focused on the Treatment of Acne Vulgaris: Cross-Sectional Analysis

JMIR Dermatol 2020;3(1):e16978

HTML PDF 878 6 0
Transparent, Reproducible, and Open Science Practices of Published Literature in Dermatology Journals: Cross-Sectional Analysis

JMIR Dermatol 2019;2(1):e16078

HTML PDF 838 7 0
The Feasibility and Acceptability of Using a Wearable UV Radiation Exposure Monitoring Device in Adults and Children: Cross-Sectional Questionnaire Study

JMIR Dermatol 2020;3(1):e15711

HTML PDF 813 0 0
Comparison of Traditional Citation Metrics and Altmetrics Among Dermatology Journals: Content and Correlational Analysis Study

JMIR Dermatol 2020;3(1):e15643

HTML PDF 797 1 0
Assessment of Patient Satisfaction With Dermatology Clinics According to Clinic Type: Mixed Methods Study

JMIR Dermatol 2020;3(1):e17171

HTML PDF 776 1 0
Social Media as a Platform for Information and Support for Melanoma Patients: Analysis of Melanoma Facebook Groups and Pages

JMIR Dermatol 2018;1(1):e2

HTML PDF 634 14 1
Information About Sunscreen on YouTube and Considerations for Sun Safety Promotion: Content Analysis

JMIR Dermatol 2020;3(1):e14411

HTML PDF 597 2 0
A Psychosocial Support Website From the British Association of Dermatologists for People Living With a Skin Condition: Mixed Methods Evaluation

JMIR Dermatol 2020;3(1):e17052

HTML PDF 585 8 0
Applying an Author-Weighted Scheme to Identify the Most Influential Countries in Research Achievements on Skin Cancer: Observational Study

JMIR Dermatol 2019;2(1):e11015

HTML PDF 470 5 1

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